Mr William McKee – Foxbury

Date Tuesday 21st June 2022

Following the sale of my home I began the search for somewhere new to live. I wanted a respectable, quiet area surrounded by trees yet easy access to transport facilities and a short drive from Belfast. 

The first proposed new site I came across was Foxbury, to be built in the beautiful village of Greenisland. 

When selecting a ‘forever home’ it is important to of course be attracted to the location of the property in addition to the proposed interior and exterior standard of finish. Although of equal importance is identifying the builder. Foxbury ticked all the required boxes and I was genuinely excited when I discovered that the builder was GMG! A close friend had a home built by GMG and I had got to know Andrew Gribben of GMG very well. The standard of work by GMG and his carefully selected partners was exceptional and this was eight years ago!

I paid my deposit before a brick was even led and it was in addition to all my requirements being met the fact that Andrew was the builder made me move so quickly. I was able to view videos of the proposed new development to enable me to see exactly how it would look when completed.  I found this both helpful and extremely professional. I remarked to Andrew recently that the development has turned exactly the way it was when I first viewed the video.

As expected the high standard of work was apparent to see as brick after brick was laid as the development headed to completion. The tradesmen on the site were courteous and I can honestly say any little changes I wished to have implemented were agreed to with a smile and a handshake.

I have owned many properties throughout my life the majority of these being ‘new builds’. As we are aware once you relocate to your new home you notice small perhaps insignificant things that need attended to. This is commonly known as a snag list. My new home in Foxbury did not require a snag list! This to me was a further demonstration of Andrew’s and his tradesmen attention to detail.

I will have lived in my new home in Foxbury 12 months on 13th August this year and cannot speak highly enough of Andrew and GMG. Foxbury met all my expectations of my new home and Andrew exceeded my expectations in the standard of work and quality of finish in my new home.

Thank you Andrew and GMG!

Yours faithfully

William McKee


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